Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Hair Journey

So I have decided to scrap the articulate writing and editing and just get on with it, I have wanted to start a natural hair blog for far too long now and the prime reason for the delay has been "relevant" content, like really now...being an SEO chick its very important I play within the grounds of search crawlers, algorithms and Google but hey who cares. I want this blog to be filled with content that is personal, helpful and of course meaningful, I don't want to be just another blogger that produces no effect at all. I will speak about my hair journey and many posts will be about my faith, I hope this blog will be enjoyable, fun, effective and most of all helpful in many ways than those perceived currently. I have been natural for a year, 3 months and counting, I love my hair, I love finding new ways to make it healthy, I love talking about ways that black women can use to help make the process of transitioning more enjoyable...look this is our hair, if we not going to love it then who's going to love it for us? so hope everyone enjoys this blog(as I talk to a non existent audience). God Bless BantuFro