Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fashion for the mad hipsters

Whether it’s rocking heels or all stars, every chick deserves a little bit of happiness in her wardrobe. The hipster ain’t different (it’s hard to imagine I know) but there is nothing sexier than a chick that can seem totally unaware of the madness of the 21st century heel billy Bourgeoisie.  According to sources, them girls are moving away from looking like they want attention to actually getting attention through less attention seeking activities, these being totally not caring about anything LOL tongue twister much. 

Come on we went from caring too much to thinking sexy is not giving a hoot about what you wear? WOW not confusing at all, but yes I’ve fallen victim to the madness, the big eye wear that I think looks ridiculous on other people besides me of course. The beanie with my huge a** braids, too cool for school shoes and skinny’s, I are the coolest kid on the block *or so I think*. Love that we have evolved, even though fashion still has two faces, the uncomfortable pain of those Gaga painmakers, or this stunning evolution of me waking up to wear absolutely anything I find in my wardrobe and not give a hoot LOL. So, picked out my top 5 looks and let me say I am definetly not looking forward to the evolution of them painmakers staying and watching chicks attempt to make it through a mall *sigh*