Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Got invited to AfroQueens launch or maybe not exactly a launch, anyway they will be introducing some of their organic hair products and I cannot wait to scoop some for myself, I have been in need of some good ol natural products, so this goes without saying...I cannot wait, here are some of the products that will be on display:

SULPHATE FREE Conditioner - R40
Detangling Brush - R80
Shea Butter - R40
Natural Hair Gel - R30
Hair Penetrating Oil - R30

And we back in the game:))

Okay so this goes without saying, this blog has been neglected for far too long... I think I needed to leave and maybe rethink exactly what this blogs purpose was or maybe I have just been lazy, I am not at liberty to disclose this information, all you have to know is I am back and I will be flooding this space with some interesting information that I hope you will enjoy as much as I will.
I am gonna share all the silly things I find interesting and worth mentioning, some not so much but I'm sure you will forgive me, I will be getting write down and dirty on the natural hair scene we have here in South Africa or maybe lack thereof, I don't know, too soon? sorry....
anyway I would love it if you take this journey with me, I am a student of many things, a lover of this man called Jesus, I am interested to know every human on this planet earth (if only it were possible) and heeey I write songs and stuff so yeah there you go, lets do this right right ;)