Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Got invited to AfroQueens launch or maybe not exactly a launch, anyway they will be introducing some of their organic hair products and I cannot wait to scoop some for myself, I have been in need of some good ol natural products, so this goes without saying...I cannot wait, here are some of the products that will be on display:

SULPHATE FREE Conditioner - R40
Detangling Brush - R80
Shea Butter - R40
Natural Hair Gel - R30
Hair Penetrating Oil - R30

And we back in the game:))

Okay so this goes without saying, this blog has been neglected for far too long... I think I needed to leave and maybe rethink exactly what this blogs purpose was or maybe I have just been lazy, I am not at liberty to disclose this information, all you have to know is I am back and I will be flooding this space with some interesting information that I hope you will enjoy as much as I will.
I am gonna share all the silly things I find interesting and worth mentioning, some not so much but I'm sure you will forgive me, I will be getting write down and dirty on the natural hair scene we have here in South Africa or maybe lack thereof, I don't know, too soon? sorry....
anyway I would love it if you take this journey with me, I am a student of many things, a lover of this man called Jesus, I am interested to know every human on this planet earth (if only it were possible) and heeey I write songs and stuff so yeah there you go, lets do this right right ;)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fashion for the mad hipsters

Whether it’s rocking heels or all stars, every chick deserves a little bit of happiness in her wardrobe. The hipster ain’t different (it’s hard to imagine I know) but there is nothing sexier than a chick that can seem totally unaware of the madness of the 21st century heel billy Bourgeoisie.  According to sources, them girls are moving away from looking like they want attention to actually getting attention through less attention seeking activities, these being totally not caring about anything LOL tongue twister much. 

Come on we went from caring too much to thinking sexy is not giving a hoot about what you wear? WOW not confusing at all, but yes I’ve fallen victim to the madness, the big eye wear that I think looks ridiculous on other people besides me of course. The beanie with my huge a** braids, too cool for school shoes and skinny’s, I are the coolest kid on the block *or so I think*. Love that we have evolved, even though fashion still has two faces, the uncomfortable pain of those Gaga painmakers, or this stunning evolution of me waking up to wear absolutely anything I find in my wardrobe and not give a hoot LOL. So, picked out my top 5 looks and let me say I am definetly not looking forward to the evolution of them painmakers staying and watching chicks attempt to make it through a mall *sigh*


Monday, June 3, 2013

How To Detangle Thick Curly "Natural Hair"

This is very interesting, I still cannot decide whether to detangle while my hair is wet or dry, either way I am dreading this process, I tend to experience a lot of breakage.



Miss Selfridge crop tee

Black coat

Vans van shoes

Marc Jacobs black handbag
$1,625 -

Vita Fede leather bracelet

Chain necklace

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Protective Styling Gone Wrong

Okay so I have had my braids on for 2 months now and I miss my hair so much..I am done.
Braids are a great protective style especially in winter, your hair gets tucked in the braids and is hidden away from all the harsh temperatures... but here is where protective styling can go wrong well at least for me...

In my defense, I am a very busy person with a 9 - 5 job while managing 3 blogs, guitar lessons and many other meaningful things to do, I hardly get the time to take care of already "taken cared" of hair, WRONG
See I get it in my head that my hair is protected that I neglect it. This is not only wrong but can be very dangerous for your hair, just to mention a few things I am facing while taking down my braids
1. Dryness
2. Breakage and lots of it
3. Unhealthy hair, growing natural hair is not just about getting those lovely afros that we see our natural sisters rocking, a big part of why I want natural was to have healthy hair..I was tired of chemicals damaging what I thought was great hair, it was time for change. Its important to moisturize, even more when hair is avoid the dryness and breakage once braids have to come down, though I had very thick and long braids on it is still important to watch your hair and keep it clean and healthy!

I will be using to products once I am done removing my braids I have not used these products before and will do a review on them soon

Jamaican Mango and Lime Tingle Shampoo
Hopefully I am not making the biggest mistake of my life....not a fan of shampoos anyway

Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Hair Journey

So I have decided to scrap the articulate writing and editing and just get on with it, I have wanted to start a natural hair blog for far too long now and the prime reason for the delay has been "relevant" content, like really now...being an SEO chick its very important I play within the grounds of search crawlers, algorithms and Google but hey who cares. I want this blog to be filled with content that is personal, helpful and of course meaningful, I don't want to be just another blogger that produces no effect at all. I will speak about my hair journey and many posts will be about my faith, I hope this blog will be enjoyable, fun, effective and most of all helpful in many ways than those perceived currently. I have been natural for a year, 3 months and counting, I love my hair, I love finding new ways to make it healthy, I love talking about ways that black women can use to help make the process of transitioning more enjoyable...look this is our hair, if we not going to love it then who's going to love it for us? so hope everyone enjoys this blog(as I talk to a non existent audience). God Bless BantuFro